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Red Gardens

Monday, 31, December, 2012


I just realized that I used two other piece of CC. One is a pattern from Purplepaw’s Carpet Love, imperial. I guess I am so used to having this in my game that I completely forgot. And the other is Bathroom or Kitchen Drain. I didn’t mean to include this one. It’s not needed at all but it absorbs puddles, which is perfect if your sim break the shower or something.


Since this is almost the beginning of the new year, I would like to start by sharing this lovely lot that I have worked on for weeks. It was inspired by the Victorian style houses in Moonlight Falls. And since I never tried making such a house before, I hope that you all like it.

Red Gardens

Red Gardens


  • Size: 40×40
  • Furnished: 224,368
  • Unfurnished 109, 160

Custom Content NOT Included:

  • Weba Yayfoo from the Sims 3 Store. I only used the desk and wall hanging but the set is free.

Expansion Packs & Stuff Packs:

I have all EP and SP except Master Suite Stuff, KPST, and Diesel Stuff, and although I might not have used a lot of things from each I cannot outline what I did use.

More Info:

This is a 4 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom house. Aside from the living room, kitchen, formal dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms, there is a studio, rec room, gym, study, laundry room, and two extra rooms in the tower. It is fully decorated.


I use two mods that affects the look of the fence and some of the plants. One is HugeLunatic’s Fences No Posts mod, and the other is Joninmobile’s More Channels plant default replacement. These aren’t required but if you want everything to look as they do in the pictures, then I highly recommend these mods.



A Work In Progress

Saturday, 29, December, 2012

I am still working on the Victorian style house I mentioned last post. It’s  been so much fun because I am just not used to the style. When I got the shape of the house how I wanted and started decorating, I decided I wanted to add a basement.

Well, somehow Sims 3 makes it difficult to add stairs to a basement when you have a foundation, so you have to get rid of part of the foundation in order to place the stairs. I really didn’t want to do that because I would have to mess up a great portion of the house to place the stairs where I wanted it. I decided then to instead just rebuild the house. I had pictures already to reference to so it wouldn’t be so hard.

So yeah, I started fresh and remade the house but instead and laying a foundation, I placed walls and leveled them to foundation height. It’s easier to deal with, I think, than foundations and gives me room to change the shape of the house easily or add other stairways out of the basement if I decide to do so.

WIP Victorian

I’ve been spending the passed week decorating the lot. I usually make homes with just the basics for my sims to live in but with this house I decided since I had more space I might as well use it for other rooms. There is a lounge in the basement that is perfect for parties. I added a workout room down there too, plus an extra bathroom and a workshop for my handy sims. The tower at the back of the house is used for painting, chess, and using the telescope. I added spiral stairs for a private room at the top with a piano and an alchemy station. There is a study on the first floor, a master suite on the second and a nursery next to it.

Overall it’s a fully loaded house and is quickly becoming expensive. It’s the type of house for sims who have become quite wealthy but likes a house that appear quaint. I plan to upload it soon once I add the finishing touches. Here are the current screenshots:

violettavie_victorian_house_1front violettavie_victorian_house_2back violettavie_victorian_house_leftside violettavie_victorian_house_birdseye2 violettavie_victorian_house_birdseye1 violettavie_victorian_house_birdseye0 violettavie_victorian_house_rightside

Winter in Moonlight Falls

Sunday, 16, December, 2012

It has been a long time since I posted here and I am so excited with the Sims that I just had to.

I bought Sims 3 Supernatural and Seasons together. I got SN mainly out of curiosity. I usually like my game without occult sims. But since EA provided population controls for SN sims, I figured I could mess around with SN and then enjoy my regular, normal game. I knew I would love seasons because it adds necessary elements to the game (pun intended), so it made sense to get them at the same time.

Happily, I was mistaken. I am really enjoying SN. It is a fully loaded EP. The Build and Buy objects are a must have and the gameplay is just FUN. I’ve been enjoying MLF much and loving how the town looks. Actually, I think it is the best EA world to date. I love that it is large and basically flat, has lots of space, a lovely river and bay. The houses, for the most part, are just brilliant! I have never been so enamored of Victorian style houses. In fact I am trying my hand at one. Yes, I am inspired.

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Best Maternity Ever

Saturday, 4, June, 2011

The bump.

I was so happy to come across these maternity clothes. My sim had just conceived and I did not want her to wear the same old EA outfits. I like my sims to look fashionable even while pregnant as I assume most would. Well I was so happy when I found this top and these pants from In Anticipation, Tomislaw’s blog. I was so pleased with how these clothes looked in my game that I just had to take screenshots and share.

Amy Wright in her new and cute outfit.

Tomislaw has a lot of great creations too, like the necklace Amy is wearing. You certainly won’t be disappointed if you check out the site. 🙂

Irina Koskov

Sunday, 29, May, 2011

This is my first ever contribution to the Sims 3 community. So, I thought I should share Irina. She seems to think it is a good idea.

Irina Koskov

Irina Koskov is happy to meet new owners


She is a Leo. Her traits are artistic, friendly, great kisser, heavy sleeper, and perfectionist. She likes indie music, stu surprise, and the color red. Her lifetime wish is Home Design Hotshot.

Close up

Front + side


I use almost all of the various sliders out there. But to be specific, here is a short list of the ones I know I used on this particular sim:

Ahmed’s Facial Sliders
Jonha’s sliders here and here
Jasumi’s Mature Girl Sliders
[Gamesir] – Hermi’s slider – Lip Shape YAF

I didn’t mean to use so much CC but I like how she looks with it. Maybe in future I’ll share sims with only EA stuff.

Custom Content

Default Genes
MCalero – Strawberry Skin
HP – Subtle Glance Eyes

Lotus – retexture – Newsea’s Desperat Hair

Shyne – Killer Lipgloss


Parsimonious – Earrings
AAS – top – Hankerchief Tank
SIMcredile – pattern – SIMc_blossons
Killc*a – pattern – Blumis-Seide

AAS – pants – D&G Satin Casual Pant
Simcontrol – pattern

Sleepwear + athletic:
Lilisims – top | undies + Pants

EA Store – bottom – Silky Sarong

Download Irina Koskov


Wednesday, 25, May, 2011
Dance Club

All The Rave Warehouse turned dance club

“All the Rave” Warehouse isn’t complete. I’m thinking of adding an exclusive lounge on the top floor. I only have 2 celebrity sims in Riverview now, so that is really not a priority. But I’m considering it.

So in the meantime I’ve been play testing this club. It is a hotspot almost every night, but only 5 or 6 sims show up. And  sometimes not even that. This is one thing I hate about Late Night. One workaround is to throw a party there and invite a lot of sims. Cool idea, right? In theory. The bars though aren’t able to handle much traffic. Mixologist spent more time trying to entertain as they mixed drink than actually serving. Most of the sims at the party came hungry. I added a buffet table but then the sims wouldn’t use it. So, I am thinking of adding another bar.

Riverview Has a New Gym

Monday, 23, May, 2011

I didn’t like the gym that came with Riverview at all. I wanted something different, a place that I could enjoy watching my sims workout at. Well, this is a what I came up with:

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