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Wednesday, 25, May, 2011
Dance Club

All The Rave Warehouse turned dance club

“All the Rave” Warehouse isn’t complete. I’m thinking of adding an exclusive lounge on the top floor. I only have 2 celebrity sims in Riverview now, so that is really not a priority. But I’m considering it.

So in the meantime I’ve been play testing this club. It is a hotspot almost every night, but only 5 or 6 sims show up. And  sometimes not even that. This is one thing I hate about Late Night. One workaround is to throw a party there and invite a lot of sims. Cool idea, right? In theory. The bars though aren’t able to handle much traffic. Mixologist spent more time trying to entertain as they mixed drink than actually serving. Most of the sims at the party came hungry. I added a buffet table but then the sims wouldn’t use it. So, I am thinking of adding another bar.

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