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A Work In Progress

Saturday, 29, December, 2012

I am still working on the Victorian style house I mentioned last post. It’s  been so much fun because I am just not used to the style. When I got the shape of the house how I wanted and started decorating, I decided I wanted to add a basement.

Well, somehow Sims 3 makes it difficult to add stairs to a basement when you have a foundation, so you have to get rid of part of the foundation in order to place the stairs. I really didn’t want to do that because I would have to mess up a great portion of the house to place the stairs where I wanted it. I decided then to instead just rebuild the house. I had pictures already to reference to so it wouldn’t be so hard.

So yeah, I started fresh and remade the house but instead and laying a foundation, I placed walls and leveled them to foundation height. It’s easier to deal with, I think, than foundations and gives me room to change the shape of the house easily or add other stairways out of the basement if I decide to do so.

WIP Victorian

I’ve been spending the passed week decorating the lot. I usually make homes with just the basics for my sims to live in but with this house I decided since I had more space I might as well use it for other rooms. There is a lounge in the basement that is perfect for parties. I added a workout room down there too, plus an extra bathroom and a workshop for my handy sims. The tower at the back of the house is used for painting, chess, and using the telescope. I added spiral stairs for a private room at the top with a piano and an alchemy station. There is a study on the first floor, a master suite on the second and a nursery next to it.

Overall it’s a fully loaded house and is quickly becoming expensive. It’s the type of house for sims who have become quite wealthy but likes a house that appear quaint. I plan to upload it soon once I add the finishing touches. Here are the current screenshots:

violettavie_victorian_house_1front violettavie_victorian_house_2back violettavie_victorian_house_leftside violettavie_victorian_house_birdseye2 violettavie_victorian_house_birdseye1 violettavie_victorian_house_birdseye0 violettavie_victorian_house_rightside

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  1. Sunday, 6, January, 2013 12:40 AM

    Ms. Vie — this really is lovely! I like your result with the basement, but there’s one thing I don’t quite get: yes you can level the tops of the walls to foundation height, but aren’t the bottoms of the walls pressing down the terrain, so that you’d have a narrow trench all around the house? In your pictures I see no such trench — it looks like you got the earth right up to the wall. Anyway, I love the whole look — the front windows, the porch, the tower — really all of it.

    • Sunday, 6, January, 2013 2:11 AM

      I am so glad you like it. I didn’t make the basement the old way, using the terrain leveling tool to dig out a basement. I used the basement tool and went up one level where I would add the foundation but instead added walls. This way the walls won’t need to be pulling the ground down. I placed a piece of foundation away from where the house is and used it as the height to measure how far down I wanted to level the walls (4 clicks). Once I got the walls leveled I deleted the piece of foundation. I hope that make sense. BTW, the house is already up for download. You can install it and see how it was done.

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