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Red Gardens

Monday, 31, December, 2012


I just realized that I used two other piece of CC. One is a pattern from Purplepaw’s Carpet Love, imperial. I guess I am so used to having this in my game that I completely forgot. And the other is Bathroom or Kitchen Drain. I didn’t mean to include this one. It’s not needed at all but it absorbs puddles, which is perfect if your sim break the shower or something.


Since this is almost the beginning of the new year, I would like to start by sharing this lovely lot that I have worked on for weeks. It was inspired by the Victorian style houses in Moonlight Falls. And since I never tried making such a house before, I hope that you all like it.

Red Gardens

Red Gardens


  • Size: 40×40
  • Furnished: 224,368
  • Unfurnished 109, 160

Custom Content NOT Included:

  • Weba Yayfoo from the Sims 3 Store. I only used the desk and wall hanging but the set is free.

Expansion Packs & Stuff Packs:

I have all EP and SP except Master Suite Stuff, KPST, and Diesel Stuff, and although I might not have used a lot of things from each I cannot outline what I did use.

More Info:

This is a 4 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom house. Aside from the living room, kitchen, formal dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms, there is a studio, rec room, gym, study, laundry room, and two extra rooms in the tower. It is fully decorated.


I use two mods that affects the look of the fence and some of the plants. One is HugeLunatic’s Fences No Posts mod, and the other is Joninmobile’s More Channels plant default replacement. These aren’t required but if you want everything to look as they do in the pictures, then I highly recommend these mods.


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  1. Octavia permalink
    Tuesday, 3, November, 2015 6:21 PM

    It’s been such a long time since you posted this, so you may never get this… But I just wanted to let you know that the link to the download is broken. I’m a tried and true sims 3 fan, but I really suck at building. I just can’t bring myself to get the sims 4 yet, so I’m trying to collect as many of these good houses as I can before all the websites are down or the downloads are no longer available. Anyway, I just thought I’d let ya know in case you didn’t already. And it really is a lovely house! Hope you have a good day. 🙂

    • Saturday, 7, November, 2015 1:42 AM

      Thanks for letting me know. I updated the link. You should be able to download now.

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