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Wednesday, 18, May, 2011
Dance Club

"All The Rave" warehouse turned dance club

One of the great things about Sims 3 is building. With EP’s Ambitions and Late Night, making industrial style neighborhoods have become such a pleasure! I especially like making warehouses. So, I really enjoyed tearing down “All the Rave” warehouse that came with Riverview and building it into a night club.

It isn’t complete and has a lot of space on the 1st and 3rd floor but I think I captured the look and feel of an industrial building.

I plan to redo the community pool too, which also looks like a warehouse, and pretty much all the community lots.  It brings to mind what SimsTR did with Riverview. It looks amazing. I don’t think I could do that, though, since I prefer the rural feel of it as a small town. If I were to add shells to my neighborhood I’d probably add the low buildings, but more than likely I wouldn’t use them. I prefer to build the apartments myself. I might even manage to make Riverview look halfway decent as a small industrial town.

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