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Irina Koskov

Sunday, 29, May, 2011

This is my first ever contribution to the Sims 3 community. So, I thought I should share Irina. She seems to think it is a good idea.

Irina Koskov

Irina Koskov is happy to meet new owners


She is a Leo. Her traits are artistic, friendly, great kisser, heavy sleeper, and perfectionist. She likes indie music, stu surprise, and the color red. Her lifetime wish is Home Design Hotshot.

Close up

Front + side


I use almost all of the various sliders out there. But to be specific, here is a short list of the ones I know I used on this particular sim:

Ahmed’s Facial Sliders
Jonha’s sliders here and here
Jasumi’s Mature Girl Sliders
[Gamesir] – Hermi’s slider – Lip Shape YAF

I didn’t mean to use so much CC but I like how she looks with it. Maybe in future I’ll share sims with only EA stuff.

Custom Content

Default Genes
MCalero – Strawberry Skin
HP – Subtle Glance Eyes

Lotus – retexture – Newsea’s Desperat Hair

Shyne – Killer Lipgloss


Parsimonious – Earrings
AAS – top – Hankerchief Tank
SIMcredile – pattern – SIMc_blossons
Killc*a – pattern – Blumis-Seide

AAS – pants – D&G Satin Casual Pant
Simcontrol – pattern

Sleepwear + athletic:
Lilisims – top | undies + Pants

EA Store – bottom – Silky Sarong

Download Irina Koskov

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Sunday, 29, May, 2011 2:15 AM

    Her eyebrows are huge! lol But she has so much character ,well done 🙂

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